Sawalich, Deuser, & Pannell Winners On Music City 150 Night In Nashville

(Nashville, TN) Night #2 of a doubleheader race weekend was a big one at Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway as 350 laps of feature action was contested in just three classes of racing. In the end, William Sawalich, Corey Deuser, and Michael Pannell claimed the popular guitar trophies during the Saturday, May 11 racing program which featured ARCA, CRA Street Stocks, and Nashville Pro Late Models.

The night’s marquee event was the Music City 150 for ARCA Menards Series East. Seekonk, Mass driver, Gio Ruggiero, sat on the pole position after General Tire Pole Qualifying. Early on in the race, fellow young standout star, William Sawalich was leading and Ruggiero’s car went around and slammed the turn one wall while running second. After many laps in the pits, Ruggiero returned to the race well off the lead lap.

At the halfway break, Sawalich led with Connor Zilisch in second and Isabella Robusto in third. When the green came back out to start the second half, Robusto showed her strength, diving hard into turn three to take over second from Zilisch. In the following laps, Robusto reeled in Sawalich before a lap 90 caution gave her a chance to restart alongside.

Unfortunately for Robusto, the ensuing restart didn’t work as well as Zilisch raced back by for second. From that point on, the race went without incident. Robusto eventually took second place back from Zilisch but never was able to run down Sawalich, who was setting the blistering pace. For the 2023 ARCA Menards Series East champion, it was his first Nashville ARCA victory.

Following the Eden Prairie, MN wheelman was Robusto, Zilisch, Zachary Tinkle, and Andrew Patterson.

In the CRA Street Stocks, local driver Michael Pannell of Portland, TN, raced out front on the opening start to take command early in the 100-lap feature. The first 50-laps of the event was very clean, seeing some passes throughout the field, though, many drivers were saving their tires and equipment for the final 50 paces.

Following the ½-way break, Pannell again set the pace with former All American 400 Super Late Model winner, Chuck Barnes, Jr. moving into second on lap 53 and Dalton Conner dropping to third. Eyes were also focused on the always fast 00 of Brett Hudson, moving from ninth to four by lap 75.

For much of the final 25 laps, it was a six car breakaway at the front, however, in the final stages, no one had anything for the red and white 07 of Pannell, who went on to claim the impressive victory over a strong field. Following the Portland, TN driver was Chuck Barnes, Jr., Dalton Conner, Dillon Oliver, and Brett Hudson.

In the 100-lap Pro Late Model affair, Corey Deuser and Chase Johnson, by luck of the draw, started on the front row with Johnson taking the early lead. Johnson continued to set the pace with Deuser in tow over the first 50 laps of the event. Much like the CRA Street Stock feature, the first 50 went caution free before the comp yellow at the halfway mark.

Back to green, it was a great restart for Deuser who was able to start on the inside lane when Johnson chose the top. The two cars again broke away while others raced behind. Just like the first half, the race was clean in the second half going without a yellow flag.

Deuser eventually pulled away over the last 30 laps though Dawson Sutton was doing all he could to track him down. Sutton saved his car for the early stages of the race and made up some ground down the stretch but never could catch the race leader.

At the checkered, it was Georgetown, IN’s Corey Deuser, taking the convincing feature victory over Sutton, Trey Craig, Johnson, and Bennie Hamlett.

Up next for Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway is a Saturday, June 8 night of racing featuring the Modifieds of Mayhem. Also highlighting the program will be the Pro Late Models, Crown Vics (5/8), Paschall Htg & Air Limited Late Models, Pure Stocks, Pest Doctor Front Runners, US Air Force Legends, and CP Race Wear Bandoleros. 

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A Feature (150 Laps): 1. 18-William Sawalich, 2. 55-Isabella Robusto, 3. 28-Connor Zilisch, 4. 11-Zachary Tinkle, 5. 96-Andrew Patterson, 6. 07-Tyler Scofield, 7. 93-Caleb Costner, 8. 10-Jayson Alexander, 9. 95-Hunter Wright, 10. 39-D.L. Wilson, 11. 06-Cody Dennison, 12. 99-Michael Maples, 13. 31-Rita Goulet, 14. 20-Gio Ruggiero, 15. 42-Tanner Reif, 16. 48-Brad Smith, 17. 0-Nate Moeller, 18. 12-Presley Sorah


A Feature 1 (100 Laps): 1. 14-Corey Deuser[1]; 2. 24-Dawson Sutton[6]; 3. 15-Trey Craig[5]; 4. 20-Chase Johnson[2]; 5. 98-Bennie Hamlett[10]; 6. 1-Michael House[7]; 7. 9-Michael Bolden[9]; 8. 09-Daniel Bolden[14]; 9. 29-Hunter Wright[11]; 10. 55-George Phillips[3]; 11. 3-Brian Gray[15]; 12. 01-Austin Wilson[8]; 13. 11-Stacey Crain[13]; 14. 25-Jonathan Knee[4]; 15. 62-William Hale[12]; 16. (DNS) 86-Troy Hall

Qualifying 1 (2 Laps): 1. 24-Dawson Sutton, 00:18.806[9]; 2. 20-Chase Johnson, 00:18.819[13]; 3. 14-Corey Deuser, 00:18.877[14]; 4. 1-Michael House, 00:18.890[3]; 5. 25-Jonathan Knee, 00:18.896[7]; 6. 55-George Phillips, 00:18.936[4]; 7. 15-Trey Craig, 00:18.959[6]; 8. 01-Austin Wilson, 00:18.991[12]; 9. 9-Michael Bolden, 00:19.059[8]; 10. 98-Bennie Hamlett, 00:19.081[10]; 11. 29-Hunter Wright, 00:19.105[16]; 12. 62-William Hale, 00:19.125[5]; 13. 11-Stacey Crain, 00:19.260[11]; 14. 09-Daniel Bolden, 00:19.299[2]; 15. 3-Brian Gray, 00:19.849[15]; 16. (DNS) 86-Troy Hall


A Feature 1 (100 Laps): 1. 7-Michael Pannell[2]; 2. 44-Chuck Barnes Jr[4]; 3. 20-Dalton Conner[6]; 4. 03-Dillon Oliver[7]; 5. 00H-Brett Hudson[9]; 6. 19-Cole Baxter[1]; 7. 21-Jeff Lane[5]; 8. 84-Gus Moody[15]; 9. 05-Blaine Akin[10]; 10. 3C-Chad Chaffin[3]; 11. 73-Colby Lane[16]; 12. 58-Danny Smith[18]; 13. 4-Michael Neidert[17]; 14. 282-Phillip McCord[19]; 15. 357-Tyler Hagan[22]; 16. 29-Austin Maynard[12]; 17. 99-Brian Bayer[13]; 18. 25-Tyler Nicely[8]; 19. 97-James Swan[11]; 20. 3A-Travis Arms[14]; 21. 64-Kenny Vetetoe[20]; 22. (DNS) 00C-Marcus Elliott

Qualifying 1: 1. 00H-Brett Hudson, 00:21.815[10]; 2. 25-Tyler Nicely, 00:21.889[17]; 3. 03-Dillon Oliver, 00:21.941[18]; 4. 20-Dalton Conner, 00:22.000[7]; 5. 21-Jeff Lane, 00:22.013[12]; 6. 44-Chuck Barnes Jr, 00:22.016[3]; 7. 3C-Chad Chaffin, 00:22.018[6]; 8. 7-Michael Pannell, 00:22.020[19]; 9. 19-Cole Baxter, 00:22.109[4]; 10. 05-Blaine Akin, 00:22.121[1]; 11. 97-James Swan, 00:22.150[21]; 12. 29-Austin Maynard, 00:22.153[13]; 13. 99-Brian Bayer, 00:22.156[5]; 14. 3A-Travis Arms, 00:22.282[2]; 15. 84-Gus Moody, 00:22.285[15]; 16. 73-Colby Lane, 00:22.322[11]; 17. 4-Michael Neidert, 00:22.513[16]; 18. 58-Danny Smith, 00:22.518[20]; 19. 282-Phillip McCord, 00:23.122[14]; 20. 64-Kenny Vetetoe, 00:25.997[22]; 21. (DNS) 00C-Marcus Elliott, 00:25.997; 22. (DNS) 357-Tyler Hagan, 00:25.997