New LED Speedway Lighting Technology Across Entire Front of Historic Grandstand Canopy


Nashville, TN (Thursday, April 16, 2020) – Bright lights reflect a bright future ahead for Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway (NFS). The prestigious race track is preparing to embark on its 63rd season of asphalt racing at the history fairgrounds, nestled on the edge of downtown Nashville, Tennessee. New speedway management, with The Fairgrounds Nashville, have just completed installation of all new LED stadium lighting across the entire front edge of the massive canopy covering the main grandstands.


“The front straight has taken on a whole new look”, exclaimed D&D Events CEO, Randy Dyce late last night.


The Fairgrounds Nashville Senior Maintenance Manager, David Lewis lead the team down the front straight-a-way aiming 40 brand new LED fixtures throughout a clear, chilly, Wednesday evening.



Front straight-a-way lighting was chosen to be the project starting point as it was identified as the trouble source, linked to many other lighting complications around the race track.


“In past seasons we’ve had to redirect lights from the turns and quarter-mile to compensate for the poor lighting on the main straight”, explains David Lewis. “Now, with these new LEDs, we can properly illuminate the front straight-a-way and aim some of the corner lights back to their originally intended positions”.


These actions are intended to help rectify dark spots in turns one and four of the five-eighths mile and the back straight-a-way of the quarter-mile.


The new lighting project is designed to not only enhance the spectator viewing experience, but it is yet another measure towards the drive for a safer speedway initiated by Track Enterprises and D&D Events.


“The crew had a late night last night but there were no complaints”, says NFS General Manager, Scott Menlen. “We’re all happy to continue to work towards our new look, for a new decade in Nashville”.



The 2020 Race Season at Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway was originally scheduled to begin on Saturday, April 18th but has been delayed until Saturday, May 16th due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


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Story: Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway
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